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Can I activate the plugins without an internet connection?

Yum Audio plugins offer online and offline license activation methods. No dongles required!

If you have a machine without access to the internet that you would like to activate, choose the “Offline Activation” method by clicking on the option below the Login Button.

For the activation process, generate a file that contains your personal machine ID by clicking the “Generate Machine File” button on the offline activation screen.

Then copy this file to a machine with internet access and go to in order to create the fitting license file via the Yum Audio website.

You need to be logged into your Yum Audio store account to use this feature. You will receive a generated license file that you can select on your offline machine, by clicking the “Selected License File” button or dropping the license file directly on it.

This will now activate your offline machine with a valid Yum Audio license, and you are ready to use the plugin.

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