Stay in the Loop: Introducing Our New Plugin Notification System

Staying up-to-date with your tools should always be effortless and intuitive. With this in mind, we're introducing a simple yet significant addition to our plugins - a notification system designed to blend seamlessly into your creative process.

Intuitive Access, No Interruption

The new notification system is integrated directly within the plugin interface. By clicking on the plugin logo, you enter the Notification Center. Here, you'll find concise updates about your plugin, including the latest features and a quick link to the manual. Our focus has been on creating a system that informs without intruding.

These notifications are brief and will disappear on their own, ensuring minimal distraction. Should you choose to ignore them, they'll quietly fade away, respecting your focus and creative space.

Relevant Information, No Clutter

The essence of this system lies in its relevance. We aim to provide you with updates and information specific to the plugins you use, avoiding unnecessary clutter or general advertising.

As creators, we understand the balance between staying informed and maintaining a productive workflow. Our notification system is a step towards bridging this gap, offering a convenient way to stay connected with the latest developments of your plugins, without the need to seek out information externally.

We hope this new system makes a small yet meaningful difference in your daily creative work.

Let us know your thoughts about it on our Discord Channel.