Music Production Community Contest! Celebrating Love Yum Audio Style

Love is, by far, the most common theme in music throughout history. After all, love is something all of us can relate to, in one way or another. And love doesn't only apply to people—we love our pets, we love certain activities or even things. Love is a vast topic with a myriad of twists and variations so what better theme to express in music than something so universal?

Since February is the month of love, well, we decided to celebrate the occasion by launching our very first Yum Audio Community Contest, with over $1,200 worth of prizes!

A Contest on the Theme of Love... With a Twist

While Valentine's Day is great for those who are happily in a relationship, it can positively suck when you're single. And what better way to let some of that pain, sadness, or frustration go out than through music?

That's why we decided add a twist to the general theme of love. To participate, you have the choice between two angles.

Choose between the love or "anti" love category:

  • Love: create a song or instrumental track around the theme of being in love, or loving something:
    • A love song
    • An instrumental track expressing the feeling of love
    • A track or song as a tribute to something, or someone, you love

  • "Anti" Love: create a song or instrumental track around the theme of annoyance or frustration for something:
    • A song about something that annoys you for some reason
    • A track expressing frustration around an event or moment
    • Think outside of the box!


  • Grand winner (both categories combined) wins a complete bundle of all our plugins (LoFi Playtime, LoFi Tapestop, LoFi Flux Machine, LoFi Pitch Dropout, Spread, Spread Light and Flux Light). This bundle has a total value of $545.

  • Runner up entries in each category will each receive 3 Yum Audio plugins of their choice. This has an average value of $225 (depending on the plugins chosen by each winner).

  • 2nd runner up entries in each category will each receive one Yum Audio plugin of their choice (value of $45, $75, or $99 depending on the plugin choosen)

  • All artists with winning entries will be anounced and promoted on our website and social media accounts. We'll give all the winners the option to recieve promotion on our channels by having their video entry showcased along with their names, short bio, social and website links.

How to participate

  • Download the free trial version of any (or all) of our plugins. You can do that by visiting the product page of each plugin and clicking on the FREE 14-day trial button in the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Choose a category for your entry: Love or "Anti" Love

  • Create a 45 sec to 1 min video with an original track you created using at least one Yum Audio plugin

  • Post your video on Instagram. In the caption of your post:
    • tag @yumaudio
    • add the hashtag #YumAudioContest
    • add the hashtag #YumLovesMe if youchose the Love category OR #YumLovesMeNot if you chose the Anti-Love category
    • Add a few sentences about your track telling us which Yum plugin(s) you used, and why

That's it! We will review all your entries and announce the winners in the first week of March.


  • Your video needs to be a screen video where we see your DAW and a Yum Audio plugin gui opened

  • The audio of your video needs to be of good quality

  • No hate or violent speech. Anger can be expressed in sounds, not in words.

  • No doxing. Do NOT reveal the identity of a specific person in your track or in the caption. We want everyone to respect people’s privacy.

  • No explicit language.

  • Submit only your original work.


The contest kicks off Monday, February 7. The deadline to submit your entries is Monday, February 21, at 11pm UTC.

Try All Our Plugins for Free and Run the Chance to Win a Complete Bundle

If you haven't tried our plugins yet, this is the chance for you to try them completely for free for 14 days while having the possibility to win a life-time licence for some, or all of them.

To download your free trials, head over to our product pages and simply click on the FREE 14-day trial button at the bottom left corner.

We can't wait to hear the awesome tracks you'll create!