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The lightweight stereo tool

Your new favorite stereo utility

Width processing redefined

Pan processing reimagined

Stereo field essentials

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Spread it Out, or Fold it in.
Widen your Synth Lines or focus your Bass.
We give you the full flexibility.

2 Modes
1 Device

Use the Haas Effect for panning and getting your sound right in the stereo panorama.

Tilt it!

Pan your signal in a way that just feels right.

We are conserving your energy

Uses Power only when needed.

Use as many instances as you like.

They’ll only consume power
when audio is being processed!

Get more
Pay less

This slimmed-down version of Spread offers the same
functionality as its big brother, but at a much better price.

Money with wings representing the money you save with this product

Key Features

  • Lightweight Stereo Utility.

  • Two different Stereo Processing Modes

  • M/S. (Mid/Side) and Haas.

  • Different Pan and Widening behavior per mode.

  • Increase or reduce the width of your signal.

  • Pan every frequency area in the stereo field.

  • Width and Panning interact in a musical & natural way.

  • Intensity Slider to control overall Processing Amount.

  • Increase or Reduce the width of every Signal.

System Requirements

AAX, VST3, AU versions included

64-bit only (Mac / PC)

Mac OS X 10.13 or higher (Intel native | ARM native)

Windows 10

At least 4GB of RAM, 16GB is recommended

At least 200MB of free drive space (OS drive)

DAW Support

AAX, AU, VST3 versions

64-bit only

Ableton Live 10.1+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

Bitwig 2+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

Cubase 8+ (Mac & PC: VST3)

Digital Performer 10+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

FL Studio 12+ (Mac & PC: VST3)

Garageband 10+ (AU)

Logic Pro 9+ (AU)

Pro Tools 11+ (Mac & PC: AAX)

Presonus Studio One 4+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

Reaper 5+ (Mac & PC: VST3)

Cakewalk by BandLab (PC: VST3)

AAX is a trademark and
software of Avid Technology.
Audio Units is a trademark
and software of Apple Inc.
VST3 is a trademark and software of
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

Product Manual

Download the product manual for Spread Light here.